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Hey guys!

So, I’ve now had my 3rd treatment session at EF Medispa! You can read about how my 1st and 2nd session went on my blog so go check them out! For those that are new, here is a bit information on what this is about 🙂

The reason I am having these treatments is because it is hopefully going to improve the appearance of the skin on my face (and is actually already helping!). I was one of the ‘unlucky’ ones while going through my teens and had some pretty bad acne. In the past, I’ve tried other things such as creams and lotions from the Doctors, as well as the pill but sadly this hasn’t helped. As it has affected my confidence quite a lot, my Dad looked into other methods that could help improve my skin and found out about EF Medispa which is a medical spa and leading skin clinic.

First of all, we are treating my rosacea. Rosacea is actually pretty common and people may not even realise they have it – I didn’t! One of the common symptoms of rosacea is having facial redness (I thought it was normal my skin was a bit red in some areas!). You may also get little bumps and spots on these red parts of your face. There isn’t actually a known cause for rosacea, but there can be triggers that can make it worse such as; hot drinks, alcohol, caffeine and certain foods such as spicy food etc. Once we are happy with how my rosacea is, we’ll be moving onto other treatments to hopefully improve some of the little scars I have.

So, lets talk about how it went…

Luckily my appointment was later again this time, so I was able to wake up at 7:15 and have a bit of a lie in! We left around 8am and as my Dad was driving, I took this opportunity to have a nap – great way to pass the time 😀! There was way more traffic this time and we arrived about 15 mins early for my appointment. We quickly parked up, paid the craaazy amount for the parking ticket and then walked up to EF Medispa – getting there just in time!

  • Before the treatment

I had Juta again for my appointment – she did a great job and was very friendly in my last session so I knew I was in capable hands again! She took me down to one of the treatment rooms and asked me how my skin had been since the peel and LED light from last time. As I said in my previous post (which you can read here), I was very happy with how my skin was – I had noticed the redness had reduced a bit more. I did have a bit of dryness but I was able to use the Cosmedix Rescue+ to moisturise which helped.

  • During the treatment

After laying down on the bed, the first thing that Juta did was cleanse my face. To be able to achieve the best results with these treatments, they need to cleanse your face with a few different products so it is ready for the treatment. After this, she put some cooling gel on my face, put some eye protectors on me and started the IPL.

Like in my first session, I was warned that it could be slightly painful at times, especially in certain areas of the face.. and it was haha. She started with the right side of my face at my jaw and moved up my cheek towards my eye. She then did this on the left side, did my chin and then moved onto my nose. She went over a few places and then moved onto my forehead. The most sensitive area for me this time was my forehead, last time it was my nose! I just kept thinking “it will all be worth it in the end” 😂. Let me just say – everyone has a different pain threshold, so it could be pretty pain-free for you!

  • After the treatment

After she had finished, she cleaned off the cooling gel and cleansed my face again. She then put SPF 30 on my face as your skin is more sensitive within the first 24 hours. My skin did look quite red afterwards, more than last time, but the redness is expected when you have IPL. The redness did calm down a few hours later, but this treatment doesn’t give immediate results – you are recommended to have a certain amount of these treatments in order to get the results you want, but this depends on the person.

Over the past 2 weeks since I had my treatment, I can see a little bit of a difference – my skin is looking less red now compared to before I had any treatment! The main difference I have noticed though is the lack of spots! It has helped this so much, I’ve had hardly any spots – only a few which they do say may happen after IPL and is normal. Other than that, my skin has been pretty calm! It has been a little dry, but using my Dermaquest hydrating serum has kept most of it under control.

Keep an eye out for my post where I will be showing you these 4 products that I was recommended to use – an exfoliating cleanser for the morning, a gentle cleanser for the evening, a hydrating serum and a define treatment – and letting you know what I think!

Also, I’m going to try and hopefully include some pictures to show you how my skin looked before I started my treatment and how my skin is now in my next post, so keep an eye out for that!




You can read more about the different treatments that EF Medispa do here.

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  1. I have rosacea, it doesn’t really bother me too much as I wear foundation which covers it quite well apart from my lower cheek, it’s pretty bad there aha, glad it’s helping you with your skin problems hopefully you’ll be really happy after you finish your treatsments x

    1. The power of make-up! Haha, I was the same though. It’s such great feeling like I don’t necessarily need to always wear foundation now, and it will only get better too once the treatment starts with the scarring I have. I can’t wait! 😀 Thank you 🙂 xx

    1. Aw, thank you! Yeah this treatment at the moment is working on the rosacea, and once we’re happy with that – we’ll be moving on to some other treatments that will hopefully reduce the acne scarring I have – that’s the part I’m most excited about and can’t wait to see the results! Xx

    1. You’re lucky – I am jealous haha. Being 23 with it still is pretty tough at times. Thank you – fingers crossed it keeps improving 🙂 x

  2. So glad to hear the third session didn’t disappoint! I’m looking forward to seeing the before and after photos. And I’m glad they’re so diligent about making sure you stay protected from the sun!!


    1. I’m pretty excited to show the pictures too, but nervous at the same time haha. Yes! They really take care of you, it’s great! Xx

  3. So awesome to see that this is making a difference for you xx. I grew up with acne too, so finding something for me was really hard and difficult. Can’t wait to see how these treatments help your skin

    1. Aw thank you, yeah it can be really tough at times. It has affected my confidence over time quite a lot so hopefully this is a step in the right direction 🙂 fingers crossed it keeps working! Xx

    1. Thank you! Most definitely, especially with the amount of time put into it with driving back and forth, and it’s not exactly pain-free haha. xx

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Yeah, not many people seem to have heard about it so I thought it could be an interesting read for others, and also I might help a few people too! Fingers crossed! Xx

    1. I’m glad you found it interesting 😀 yeah it sucks, luckily make-up is able to cover it pretty well but it still affects you! Xx

    1. I can feel a bit of a difference already with my confidence, I’ve been outside a few times without any make-up on which I would never normally do before! So it’s great. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out 🙂 x

  4. Glad to hear it’s working for you! Albeit slowly but I hope it continues and you get to where you want to be with it in the end (: I went on a new pill at the beginning of this year and it’s CAUSED my dreadful skin. It’s so annoying.

    1. Thank you! Yeah this kind of treatment takes time for it to work, but it definitely seems to be working which makes it worth it in the end. Oh no, that’s terrible – I’m so sorry to hear that :/ I hope it’s getting better for you now x

  5. This is the first time I am reading about that kind of treatment. It’s quite interesting. I am glad it is working on you and helping your skin to improve. I have never had acne but I know how hard it can be for people who have it. xx corinne

    1. I’m glad you found it interesting! You’re so lucky haha, I’m jealous! It definitely can affect you, it has with myself 🙁 but luckily this is working which is so good, I can’t wait to see how all turns out xx

    1. It was completely new to me too when I heard about it all, it’s really interesting though how it all works. Thank you so much 🙂 x

  6. I had no idea this was a thing so I’m definitely going to be looking into this as I suffer quite badly with acne and have been back and forth from the drs with different meds and what not! I’m so glad it’s worked out well for you as I can totally agree being acne free improves your confidence so much


    1. I know your pain 🙁 It really sucks – it sometimes can get me down quite a bit :/ it’s definitely worth looking into these kind of treatments, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it’s really great. At EF Medispa, you can have a consultation meeting first of all, and they’ll listen to what your problem areas are, look at what treatments are best for your skin and what you are looking for. Xx

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