My 1st treatment session at EF Medispa | IPL & LED Light

Hey guys!

I recently had my 1st session of treatment at EF Medispa! Exciting, right?! So lets talk about how it went…

The days leading up to it, I wasn’t really sure how I should feel – excited or nervous?! I was quite excited because I can’t wait to see how all of this works out, but also pretty nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect! Especially as I had read online about other people’s thoughts and reviews on IPL, and some people were saying it can be quite painful.. Although, the results some people showed were pretty incredible, so fingers crossed!

On the day of my treatment, I had to be up at 5:45am so we could leave by 7am 😴  let me just add that this was on a Saturday, and it’s even earlier than when I wake up for work during the week! So, we left just after 7am and luckily my dad drove so I was able to sleep during the car journey, which slightly made up for waking up so early. 😂 Fortunately we got there about 45 minutes before my appointment so we were able to drive around and try and find a parking spot, and wow… seeing how much they charge per hour for parking… I can see why people get the train into these areas for work!

After parking up, we walked through the shops and arrived at EF Medispa. When walking inside, I remember thinking ‘wow, this looks very glamorous!’ With the wide open space at the front of the premises, the products being laid out neatly on display all lit up and the sophisticated decor, you could tell it was a place of luxury. We were greeted by Zoe, and she led us to a consultation room. Zoe explained more about the different treatments that I will be having over the next few months, which includes IPL, LED light, peels and more depending on how it all goes. She did give me a bit of a heads up on how the IPL may feel – she said “it’s like an elastic band pinging on your face”. 😂 Then I had some photos taken, so I will be able to see the difference between before and after the treatment.

  • Before the treatment

After all this was done, I met Jenny who was going to do my treatment. She took me downstairs to where the treatments rooms are. She explained to me in a bit more detail what Zoe had told me – I had Rosacea which is actually pretty common and people may not even realise they have it. One of the common symptoms of rosacea is having facial redness, you can also get little bumps and spots on these red parts of your face. There isn’t a known cause of rosacea, but there can be triggers that can make it worse such as hot drinks, alcohol and caffeine, certain foods such as spicy foods etc. She also told me that my skin wasn’t that bad at all, and I shouldn’t feel bad about it which was pretty surprising for me to hear, and also made me feel a lot better about myself! My skin has really affected my confidence – you know how it is, you always see yourself in the worse way compared to everyone else! She then explained to me in more detail about IPL and LED light, and what to expect. She made me feel very calm and relaxed – knowing I was in capable hands.

  • During the treatment

After laying down and getting comfy on the chair, the first thing Jenny did was cleanse my face. She used a few different products to make sure my skin would be ready for the treatment I was having. We then moved onto the first treatment.

I can’t remember the name of this treatment, so I will have to find it out and update you guys, but for the time being I’ll explain to you what it felt like. Before it started, Jenny put some eye protectors on me and then warned me that this treatment could feel really warm at times.. and she wasn’t joking 😂 the majority of the time it was a nice hot feeling on the area of my face it was currently on. I was just imagining laying on the beach relaxing in the sun! Sometimes it did get hotter which was a little uncomfortable, but luckily this didn’t last too long. Other than that it was actually quite relaxing.

After this was finished, she left my eye protectors on and prepared my skin for IPL by putting a cooling gel onto my face. I was pre-warned that it could be slightly painful, it could be a bit of a shock and it may be more sensitive in certain areas of the face.. which turned out to be very true! The most sensitive area for me was my nose, but I just kept thinking “this is going to help improve my skin so a bit of pain is worth it” 😂. She did tell me if at any point it was too much, to let her know, but I pushed through! Everyone’s pain threshold is completely different though so it could be pretty pain-free for you! After this was done she cleansed my face again and explained that it may be a little red in the areas that she has treated, but this is completely normal and will fade.

We then moved onto the LED light which was far more relaxing! She put some eye protectors back on, moved the machine so it was placed over my head and switched it on. There wasn’t too much more to this treatment, I just had to lay there until it was finished. It was a nice warm feeling on my face – pretty sure I could have fallen asleep if I wanted to because it was that relaxing!

  • After the treatment

After the LED light was finished, that was my treatment completed! Jenny did say that if I wanted to put some make-up on, there is some at the store that I can use if I didn’t have my own – which is the Youngblood mineral cosmetics brand, but I thought it would be good to just leave my skin alone. It was a nice offer though, would be handy if you were going there during a work break or something.

My skin looked slightly red afterwards, but that was to be expected when having IPL treatment. Other than that, my skin felt fine. This treatment doesn’t give immediate results, it is recommended you have a certain amount of treatments in order to get the results you would like, but the amount you need varies per person.

Over the past 2 weeks since I have had my treatment, I have been looking to see if I can see any improvements with my skin after my first session. I wasn’t expecting miracles, however I do feel like it has slightly improved the redness of my skin, so with more to come in the future – I’m hoping it will get even better!

I was recommended these 4 products which I have been using over the past few weeks – an exfoliating cleanser for the morning, a gentle cleanser for the evening, a hydrating serum and a define treatment. I will do a separate post about these to show you them properly, and let you know what I think! Keep an eye out for that.


You can read about how my second session went here – How did my second session at EF Medispa go?

You can read more about the different treatments that EF Medispa do here.

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  1. I never been to a spa, so I was kind of living vicariously through you with this post Thank you for sharing! Keep on sharing more skincare related posts if you can. Good luck on your blog

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

      I hadn’t been to a spa before either, so this was a completely new experience to me. I’ll try do that! Thank you, and good luck with yours too!

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I hadn’t really heard much about this kind of treatment before either, so I thought it could be interesting for people to read about!

      I’ll be doing more posts about my other sessions as I go on with these treatments, and hopefully show the results! I’ve just got to get a bit more confident first, haha x

    1. Aw thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! My post about my how my 2nd treatment session went should be ready soon, just had some other work to finish first. So keep an eye out for it soon! 🙂 x

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